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We are dedicated to the pursuit of the best products from the best locations that will give you an authentic Spanish food experience 


“Pan Tumaca” is one of the favourite breakfasts in Spain. Now available from Amazon Prime


A quintessentially Mediterranean product, which brings back memories of sun, sea and holidays


Our award winning Tortilla for all occasions; breakfast, lunch, dinner and tapas


Our new chickpea based product offers a vegan alternative to our original recipe


We are a company with a passion for bringing delicious European foods to your table using the finest ingredients and the best techniques to ensure you enjoy our products. For 2021 we are introducing our new vegan recipe to partner our bestselling Spanish Tortilla. Whilst keeping the potato and fried onion ingredients, the egg is replaced with a chickpea base offering a product that is both allergen free and vegan.

Our Tumaca and Alioli are uncomplicated by nature and rely on top quality, home grown ingredients. Like the Tortilla, they are both vegetarian and gluten free, important considerations for so many of us in 2019.


Our Tortilla has been a favourite in the UK for over ten years and similarly at home, the breakfast staple Tumaca and Tapas essential Alioli are enjoyed daily from Galicia to Murcia and Barcelona to Seville. Easy to serve, for everyday or to add some real authenticity to your evening Tapas, we believe our products are the best available in the Spanish stores and we hope our UK customers will love them too!


“Pan Tumaca” is one of the favourite breakfasts in Spain. Take some fresh, crusty bread, perhaps rubbing with half a garlic clove, before spreading this delicious and simple mix of juicy tomatoes and olive oil on top.


The name comes from the Catalan for “Garlic and Oil” and you would struggle not to find it anywhere Spanish food is served. The oil and egg produce a sumptuous, rich consistency to pair the clean, but not overpowering aroma of natural garlic.

Corporate Social Responsibility

In partnership with our passion for the foods which we supply, is our commitment to the highest standards within all related social and environmental concerns. We are committed to promoting best practice at all stages of the supply process though ethical and sustainable sourcing, including continuous work on reducing packaging, moving towards recyclable options where possible and reducing waste throughout the supply chain.


“My passion for Spanish food started when my family immigrated to Spain when I was four years old. Between the ages of four and eleven, I lived in the beautiful, Mediterranean fishing town of Javea, on Spain’s east coast.”

Nick Hess, Founder of Atlantica


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