The Spanish Tortilla is said to have been created to provide soldiers in the eighteenth century with a satisfying, nutritious meal that was relatively easy to source and inexpensive. Whilst the origins may be argued, there is no doubt as to its popularity since; as it is enjoyed throughout Spain as a snack, tapa or meal.

The Tortilla is a Tapas staple, to accompany typical Iberian deli items, but it is also consumed as the base for any meal of the day or indeed as a generally lower calorie and higher protein alternative to chips or bread. It can also be served cold and is therefore ideal for picnics and outdoor eating.

Our Tortillas are produced in Spain, using potatoes, free range eggs, fried onions and olive oil. The free range eggs are sourced from Galicia, the greenest region of the country and are therefore rich in beta carotene to give a strong, golden colour. In addition to be easily prepared (pan fry, microwave, or serve cold) the Tortilla makes for a delicious Vegetarian and Gluten Free option and is a past medal winner in the “Veggie Ready Meals” category in the Free From Food awards.



“Whether you are preparing Tapas for friends, cooking for the family, spending time outdoors or would just like a quick meal, the Tortilla in your fridge often proves a welcome sight!”

Available from the Deli Counter at Tesco.


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