“Pan Tumaca” is one of the favourite breakfasts in Spain. Take some fresh, crusty bread, perhaps rubbing with half a garlic clove, before spreading this delicious and simple mix of juicy tomatoes and olive oil on top. 100% Natural.

As the authentic Spanish choice to start you day, it is also frequently used in tapas preparations and pinchos, adding a natural freshness and moisture to balance rich, salted ingredients such as fish or olives. Our Tumaca is 100% natural and packed in season with extra virgin olive oil to capture the fresh flavours of the sun ripened tomatoes.

It is one of our favourite products and makes for a very versatile ingredient in addition to traditional uses; whether giving more flavour and depth to salad or adding a Spanish twist to your favourite sandwich or baguette. The jars unopened have a long life and can be stored in your food cupboard, so there can always be the option to spread a little Mediterranean sunshine on your toast in the morning.


Available to order online on Amazon Prime in a tray of 12 for only £1.42 per jar.


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